Modern tools for a cutting-edge classroom.

OCT helps manage complexity with virtual environments for student-focused programming experiences.

Ease of use

OnlineClassTools provides simple programming environments that let students focus on their work—and let you focus on them.

All online

Students work online and submit their work online; instructors view and execute students' programming work online.

Engage with your students

Share a student's programming environment in real-time for a more collaborative teaching experience.

Custom Learning Environments

Customize a virtual workstation with software and assignment materials, and turn it into a template for every student. Everyone starts their journey with all that they need to get learning.

A complete desktop experience is accessible through the convenience of your browser, so there's no learning curve and no one needs to worry about losing their work.

Live help

Focused instruction made easy

Create assignments for students to complete in our online IDE, so you can easily review their work and provide targeted feedback.

Students can share access to their personal VM in real time so you can collaborate with them to solve issues.

Powerful tools for teachers

OCT provides useful tools for making quick work of common instructor tasks like grading assignments and managing student submissions.

Gone are the days of downloading and executing emailed submissions!

Made for you

Built by a CS professor, for CS professors.

OCT was started by Jonathan Munson, a Computer Science professor at Manhattanville College, to solve the actual problems he faced while teaching undergraduates across a variety of courses.

OCT exists to solve the problems that naturally arise while instructing students, without creating new ones or steepening learning curves for you or your students.

See how easy it is to manage your programming assignments.

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